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SIDE SLEEPER, 40x140cm, quilted

With 3 different fillings

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Why do I need a quilted side sleeper pillow?

If you're always plagued by restless sleep and get up in the morning feeling tired, then it's time to find a remedy. With a side sleeper pillow, you can find a healthier sleep in an optimal sleeping position. Your spine and joints are relieved and your muscles can relax optimally. There is no constant tossing and turning, your breathing is calm and even, and you get the sleep you need.

How do I find the ideal sleeping position?

Finding the ideal sleeping position is not always easy. Various studies have shown that a large proportion of people lie on their side to fall asleep. To do this, the legs are slightly bent and the head and neck are supported by the pillow. But the legs lying on top of each other become heavy over time. The bedspread or a small pillow, which are usually placed between the legs, can help and relieve the pressure. This solution is usually not optimal, because one part of the body is always exposed to the room cold. A healthy and restful sleep looks different.

How does a side sleeper pillow work?

If you also know this, then we have a solution here. The remedy is a side sleeper pillow, which you can snuggle up to in order to fall asleep. Due to its standard length of 140cm, you can rest your head, legs and arms on it. The quilt is free and warms your body from all sides. The width of 40cm is optimal to support and relax your head, bent legs and arms. This relieves the pelvis and spine and allows for a restful sleep.

Is a side sleeper pillow suitable for pregnant women?

Pregnancy is not infrequently accompanied by tension, back pain and joint pain. Joints and spine are increasingly stressed and a restful sleep is out of the question. The shape and material of our side sleeper pillow can help relieve the pressure on the joints and spine. And the increasingly larger belly also finds soothing support.

What are the filling materials for side sleeper pillow?

We offer the organic side sleeper pillow in three variants. So you have the possibility to find the right pillow for your sleeping needs. In each variant you can remove or add the filling. From time to time you should replace the fillings with fresh new chaff or fibers.
Kapok filling has a natural bulkiness, it is light and provides high support. At the same time it is pleasantly soft and flexible. Kapok is moisture regulating and breathable and is also well suited for allergy sufferers.
The filling made of spelt husks is heavier than kapok, rather firmer, but still flexible. You can optimally adjust the filling to your lying needs by pushing the husks where you need them.
The Lyocell fiber filling also offers you natural support and special sleeping comfort. Since the lyocell fiber is made entirely of cellulose, it is extremely inhospitable to bugs and mites. The fiber is very light, soft and has pronounced thermoregulatory properties.

What is a Lotus Design organic side sleeper pillow made of?

The cotton quilted outer cover is made of 100% organic cotton eco-percale, unbleached and washable at 30°C. It is quilted with 100% organic cotton fleece (approx. 300 g/m²).
The filling of our organic pillows is in a separate inner cover, also made of eco-percale, 100% organic cotton. The zipper on the inner cover allows you to remove and add filling material and occasionally loosen or replace the filling by hand. This also allows you to adjust the amount of filling in the pillow to your individual needs.
A tip: air out your side sleeper pillows regularly and loosen the filling from time to time. This allows the pillow and its filling to release the moisture stored overnight back into the room air, allowing it to dry and regenerate.
Washing the side sleeper pillow
You can wash the quilted pillow case in the washing machine at 30°C. Please make sure that the washing drum is not too full, so that the outer cover can move freely on all sides. You can wash the pillow inner cover without filling at 30°C as well.
Drying the side sleeper pillow
Please spin and dry the quilted outer cover only in gentle cycle. Too much mechanical action on the cover with its quilted fleece can lead to warping and clumping. It is even better to pull the outer cover into shape after the wash cycle with the zipper closed and dry it lying down. This preserves the quality of the inner fleece.
The organic side sleeper pillow in a nutshell:

  • 100% organic cotton eco percale quilted outer cover with zipper.   
  • 100% organic cotton fleece approx. 300g/m²
  • inner cover made of 100% organic cotton eco-percale with zipper
  • Dimensions: 40x140cm
  • Care: quilted cover without inner pillow machine washable at 30°C; inner cover without filling machine washable at 30°C
  • Made in Germany


40 x 140cm Dinkel   ca. 4,80 kg
40 x 140cm Lyocell  ca. 2,15 kg
40 x 140cm Kapok   ca. 2,45 kg