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Lama Govinda - Insights of a Pilgrim in the Himalayas

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Lama Govinda

Lama Govinda, at home in two very different worlds, became known for his ability to bring the teachings of Buddhism to the West.
His path took him from his native Germany first to Sri Lanka and Burma, then to India and Tibet. This book contains essays on Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhist sacred art.

"I did not know who this Govinda was, but his answers were those which made the deepest impression on me (although I am Catholic and have been engaged in theology for many years) and which corresponded to me as if they came from myself.
[...] His language and the underlying method of thinking were European. With this method he can bring the most difficult Eastern content to us Europeans without simplifying it without permission and without diluting deep secrets into mere 'philosophy of life'."

Luise Rinser

  • Publisher: Dharma Publishing
  • Language: German
  • Softcover, ISBN 978-3-928758-05-5, 196 pages, €15.80