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Meditation Cushions

In our yoga online shop you can buy your meditation cushion. Order your yoga cushion from own production ECOLOGICAL and SOCIALLY responsibly manufactured. Here you find a rich variety of shapes and colors.

Find the perfect Meditation Cushion

We have been producing meditation cushions for over two decades, beginning at our Buddhist centre in Cologne, Germany. Lotus Design offers a large selection of meditation cushions to help every practitioner to find their best meditation cushion to fit their unique body shape and flexibility.

A meditation cushion is an indispensable companion to help you have a more relaxed, focused and enjoyable practice. The meditation cushion assists in practice by raising the height of your pelvis. Your back is relieved from the strain, and the blood circulation in legs is improved. This ensures you can focus on your practice, and not on the discomfort in the body.

Our meditation cushions come in several shapes and sizes:

The Basic meditation cushion comes in four different heights, as well as in a wider version, the Basic Maxi. The drawstring closure makes it easy to remove the cotton twill cover for washing. The handle has a nice little decorative ribbon. We also offer them in 100% organic materials. They are available in many colours.

The Classic Yoga meditation cushion comes in two different heights: 7cm yoga cushion for more experienced, flexible yogis, or 14cm, for beginners, who work on achieving more flexibility. The zipper enclosure is neat and removing the cover is really easy.

The Travel meditation cushions are portable, light and small enough to carry in your backpack or suitcase, and big enough to support your sitting posture. They come in two sizes.

The embroidery meditation pillows have beautiful spiritual symbols which can bring extra inspiration into your practice.

The Zen meditation cushions are inspired by Japanese floor cushions used at homes and temples. The main shape here is the Zafu, with a pleated cover. It is the part of the traditional Zafu/Zabuton meditation set. The Zen roll and the Zen bolster are both good for the traditional Zen kneeling meditation posture, going in between the legs. The Zabuton is the seat mat that helps keep your leg comfortable

The Yoga Crescent meditation cushion comes in two sizes, and it is a more ergonomic version, helping the pelvis tilt forward with its slanted seat. It adapts to the contours of the body and creates a great aid for Padmasana, the lotus posture.


We only use high quality, durable materials. The covers are fashioned in tough cotton twill and the fillings are natural and flexible, such as buckwheat husks or spelt husks.