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Tibetan Incense - Nagchampa

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Nagchampa - Rare & High-Quality Incense from Tibet

Nag Champa is the aroma of Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. The fragrance is characterised by its effectiveness against headache, rheumatism, gout, allergic complaints as well as digestive and urinary tract problems, it cools the eyes and stimulates the mind.

Incense originating from Tibet serves a very important function in Tibetan culture. When you visit a Tibetan monastery, you come across the odor of incense right at the entrance. Pilgrims burn some incense at every stupa and temple they visit. But in Tibetan medicine, too, incense is used to fumigate rooms in order to clean them from bad energy that causes disease.

Fragrance of Oriental Plants

Our incense is produced in traditional ways; it is absolutely harmless for the environment and not harmful when inhaling. This popular Tibetan incense is made by hand from herbs of the Himalayan region; we carry it in four varieties.
Light a stick and let yourself be seduced by the fragrance of this high-quality incense. Very delicate smoke will rise and fill the room with pleasant aromas from sandalwood to cedar to cardamom. Thus a pleasant atmosphere develops that invites to relax.

Incense – Quality that you can smell

These hand-rolled sticks made from completely pure substances burn with a beautiful, strong aroma which is only a little bit sweet. All products are 100% free from artificial, chemical or other possibly harmful substances and do not have an addictive effect. Each stick burns for well half an hour.

Properties of Tibetan Incense

30 sticks each are packed in pretty round colorful rolls; they are about 11 cm long. Each package contains a small wooden incense holder so you can light a stick right after opening the beautiful package.
• Burning period ca. 25 to 35 minutes
• Length ca. 11 cm
• Ingredients: depending on the scent with sandal wood, Tibetan cedar, musk, cardamom or Nagi, Ghanden Khämpa-Beifuß and other specialties of the Himalaya region.

Handmade in Nepal