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Incense holder-Izumo made of stone

Round shape, Diameter: 11,5 cm, height: 1,0 cm

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Create atmosphere with the "Izumo" incense holder

Since time immemorial, scents, smells and their aromas have been able to exert a certain attraction on us. They are able to create atmospheres and moods and trigger reactions in us. Certain smells or scents from childhood are unforgettable and bring back memories of long-past encounters, situations or emotions even many years later.

Pause when burning incense sticks

Fragrances and scents can promote relaxation, aid sleep, enhance concentration, stimulate creativity or increase motivation. There are also a whole range of religious, aesthetic and practical reasons for surrounding oneself with scents.

Supporting your own yoga and meditation practice

Burning incense in an incense holder is an excellent way to initiate and accompany a meditation or yoga practice. The distinctive scent can help calm the body and mind and relieve inner tension.

The features of the Incense holder-Izumo made of stone

The incense holder Izumo made of natural stone in the shape of reuleaux is handmade and was especially designed for burning Japanese incense sticks, which usually do not have a wooden support. But the hole is big enough so that you can also burn incense with a wooden support.

  • made of natural stone, polished
  • colour: black
  • weight approx. 0,50 kg
  • Round, with grooves
  • Diameter: 11,5 cm, height: 1,0 cm