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YOGA GLOVE anti-slip

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Yoga glove for better grip!

With these yoga gloves by Lotus Design® you can practise yoga exercises perfectly even on cold days. With these gloves you always have a firm grip, both on the floor and on the yoga mat. The gloves are elastic and enclose your hands tightly, preventing them from slipping and ensuring that you always have a firm grip on the floor. When you practice on other people's mats, you have a hygienic effect at the same time. With this feeling, you can relax and enjoy your yoga practice.

Perfect for the studio or home

With the yoga gloves you are perfectly equipped for your yoga studio or for practising at home. You'll always have non-slip and warm gloves that make practising pleasantly easy. Thanks to the silicone nubs on the inside, the yoga gloves are non-slip and offer you a secure grip, even in demanding exercise sequences. The free fingers give you additional grip on the yoga mat or the floor.

Yoga gloves for well-being and safety

The fingers are open and give you extra balance and stability even in standing positions. Your fingers are in direct contact with the yoga mat or floor, giving you a perfect grip. This feeling of well-being is transferred to your whole posture and allows you to relax more easily. You can also prevent injuries caused by slipping. Sensitive palms are protected and moisture is absorbed through the gloves.

Features of our yoga gloves

The highly elastic yoga gloves are solidly made and enclose your hands firmly and pleasantly softly, so that slipping is prevented.  Due to the open fingers, you still have a sense of touch, which always gives you the necessary grip during your yoga exercises and gives you a feeling of security. The nubs on the inside of the hands prevent slipping on the yoga mat, as the moisture from your hands is absorbed into the gloves and released back into the room air.

  • Highly elastic
  • Open fingers
  • Silicone nubs on the inside
  • Material: 82 % cotton, 12 % polyamide, 6 % elastane, stretchy.
  • Washable at 30°C.