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Yoga Mat Jute SANA, 183x60cm, beige

Size: 183 x 60 cm; Thickness: 4 mm

Product number: M62500101

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Yoga mat SANA Jute beige

This ecofriendly yoga mat out of jute in 183x60cm links with the yoga tradition of ancient India. Already back then yogis performed their asanas on yoga mats out of jute. Nowadays we have the opportunity to join the advantages of this wonderful natural fibre with the comfort modern materials offer. The yoga mat SANA combines jute with PER synthetic, a biodegradable form of the classical PVC. Jute, a pure natural product, is capable of absorbing moisture and therefore offers a slip resistant basis for your yoga exercises. Moreover jute is extremely robust and therefore very durable. The build in PER synthetic gives this yoga mat softness, makes is stretchable and shock absorbent. 

What else characterizes this yoga mat?

Our yoga mat SANA Jute is a very good exercise- and studio mat. Because of the low abrasion of jute we can recommend this mat especially for exercise with high demands on the material. Moreover this yoga mat is antistatic, free of heavy metals, AZO colors, DOP and formaldehyde, and, last but not least, free of harmful substances according to Oeko-Text Standard 100. An additional advantage: with only ca. 1,4 kg weight it is compared to other kinds of yoga mats made of natural materials, like yoga mats with natural rubber, a genuine lightweight. 

Yoga mat SANA Jute in a nutshell

Pure jute combined with PER synthetic

Oeko-Text Standard 100 tested

Size: 183 x 60 cm; Thickness: 4 mm

Weight: ca. 1,4 kg

Colors: beige, olive green

Care instructions: clean with some water (spare), a little dishwashing detergent added; afterwards dry with a cloth or let it dry rolled out.