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Yoga mat EcoPrint, 183x60cm, 3mm, black

Thickness: 3 mm - Size: 183 x 60 cm

Product number: M60400219

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Our natural rubber Yoga Mat is especially slip-proof

This Yoga Mat made of caoutchouc (natural rubber) and with PU surface convinces with a thickness of 3 mm and only 2.25 kg of weight. It provides an exceptional grip and is absolutely slip-proof. As this mat is a natural product, it comes along with the organic smell of rubber which will pass soon though. It is free of toxic plasticizers, heavy metals and azo dye. Please refrain from exposing this mat to direct sunlight as the colours might fade. We also suggest to air your natural rubber mat after your practice and to only wash it by hand- this will ensure that our mat will bring you long-term joy!

Properties of our ECO PRINT Yoga Mat

Please note that- if we put it in the words of a traditional Cologne saying- “every madman is different”. Saying this we mean that everyone will react differently to a certain Yoga mat. While one will prefer the ECO-PVC option, another might go for a TPE mat and will swear on its slip-proof properties. Please simply consider that the grip of each mat, including the one made of natural rubber, will be affected by sweat or moisture as none of the materials mentioned above can absorb liquids and all small amounts of moisture and grease that your body emits will have an effect on the mat’s grip.

A high-quality product at an affordable price

We have tested this Yoga mat for various styles of Yoga in advance. Doing this we focused especially on Ashtanga, Bikram and Spirit Yoga and have to say that it convinced us in all of these styles. The properties of its surface simply stand out. At the same time it is an environmentally-friendly alternative and can be recycled. All in all, this mat offers you a great product at an affordable and fair price.

Two-coloured natural rubber

  • Lightly structured surface
  • PU surface with Laser Print
  • Absolutely slip-proof, stretchable and shock-absorbing
  • Size: 183x60cm
  • Colour: black
  • Thickness: approx. 3mm
  • Weight: 2.25 kg
  • Hand wash only
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

Please note that this mat cannot be cleaned in your washing machine. Instead, please make use of a damp cloth and leave to dry.