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Meditation Accessories

We offer meditation accessories like incense, zabutons, singing bowls or cymbals; with their help thoughts settle down in meditation and your mind is focused on one point. These are accessories to establish a perfect meditation spot at home.

Zabutons, supporting cushions, singing bowls, cymbals and incense

Do I need tools to meditate "well"?

Many people find it important to establish a beautiful spot for meditation  in order to practice regularly meditation and mindfulness in a pleasant atmosphere. A singing bowl, cymbals or incense create (besides a meditation cushion) a suitable atmosphere and ease retreat and meditation. Knee pads are an ideal supplement since they relieve pressure from the knees.

Lotus Design imports singing bowls, cymbals and incense from India and Nepal.  All the products conform to our high quality standards. Our sitting mats are largely manufactured in German handicapped workshops. In the following you will find a short summary of our products.


A Zabuton is a mat with a cotton-filled inlet. It helps to ease longer sitting in meditation. Zabutons support knees and buttocks during meditation. Traditionally, a combination of zafu and Zabuton are used for sitting meditation and Zen meditation.

Knee pads

Longer meditation on a meditation cushion can be painful in the beginning, because your body is not used to sitting still for a longer period of time. Knee pads can be a solution. You can put the knee pads both under your knees and your ankles to attenuate stress  during long sitting periods.

Singing bowls

Singing bowls are used for centuries in religious ceremonies. They often fulfill the same function as our church bells and are usually made from the same material. Frequently a singing bowl is used to identify beginning and end of a training session; but it can also be used for sound meditation and singing bowls therapy. They get their best sound when they are struck standing on a soft surface.  In our selection you find different trivets for different sizes of singing bowls.


Cymbals are small metal plates, usually two on a string. They are commonly used to indicate beginning and end of a training session. They are available in various sizes; with and without ornaments.


Both singing bowls and incense are used for centuries in religious ceremonies and in meditation. They appeal to our senses directly; we can change the atmosphere of small and large rooms quickly to our liking.